Please read the following messages prior to making the contributions.

General Fund

This fund is for unrestricted usage under the direction of the management.

Temple Fund

This fund will be dedicated to building of Buddhist temples in order to establish worship places to spread Buddhism around the world. 

Preservation of Life Fund

This Fund will be dedicated including the following but not limited to the preservation of animal lives, enhancement and assistance of animals living condition and etc. 

Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society located in the United States (hereinafter referred to as the “GEBIS US”) reserves all rights and has absolute discretion and full control as to the use of contributions to the Fund in order to ensure that the Fund will be used to carry out the mission statement, the functions and the purposes of the GEBIS US.

By reading through the above mentioned statements regarding each Fund, you are notified and agree with these statements before making any contribution or donation to the Fund. Once your contribution has been made to the Fund, it will be deemed that you have agreed with these statements.


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